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Postpartum Support

Postpartum support is important for new mothers as they navigate the challenges of caring for a newborn while recovering physically and emotionally. Seeking support from trusted professionals can help alleviate feelings of stress, anxiety, and isolation that often accompany this transition. Sunnyside Up Youth Pregnancy Services offers a range of support services, including counseling, education, and peer support groups, to help young parents adjust to life with a new baby and ensure the best possible outcomes for both parent and child. Take a look at our postpartum support services below.

How it Works

Once you arrive home, we will send a postpartum doula to your home to help you get settled and comfortable at home. Your doula will be there to answer questions, offer resources and referrals, and allow you personal time to rest and recover from birth.

Our goal is for mothers and newborns to have access to quality maternal and child health services. Each visit will last 4 hours allowing the family, mom, in particular, to rest, have a quality meal, and focus on her personal care.

Our doulas and support team will come to you as required. If you want more complete Postpartum Support, consider Be Well at Home, our 16-week Postpartum program which offers more time and access to our Doula team.


What We Do

Postpartum support is designed to support and nurture the mom and the family to recover from birth with ease, allowing her to focus on what’s important, caring for her baby. Some of the things we will do for you include:

Postpartum Support Packages

16 week package

Be Well at Home - a complete at home program of weekly visits

Be Well at Home is Sunnyside Up Youth Pregnancy Services’ in-home support services. We offer weekly home visits for the first 16 weeks after delivery. This program is a complete program. Click the button below for more info. 

Program cost

Be Well at Home is $75.00 per week and can be paid weekly or monthly. A $150 discount is available if all 16 weeks are paid in full.

2 week package

$175 per week

Perfect for those with family support but need an extra set of hands the first few weeks

4 week package

$150 per week

Great for those needing extra support from a challenging birth or less family support.

8 week package

$100 per week

Longer term care great for those with minimum family support and need some extra love and care

Apply for Postpartum Support

Financial Assistance

Payment Plans and Scholarshps

We understand that not everyone is able to afford our support and education programs. If you are looking for a payment plan or scholarship, inquire below.