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Tips to Get Your Newborn to Sleep

As new parents, one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is getting your newborn to sleep. With their erratic sleep patterns, frequent feedings, and need for comfort, it can be difficult to establish a healthy sleep routine for your little one. Here are some tips and resources for helping your newborn sleep:

  1. Establish a consistent bedtime routine: Start a pre-bedtime routine that includes a bath, massage, or quiet time to help your baby relax and get ready for sleep.
  2. Use white noise or calming music: Playing soft music or white noise can help your baby feel calm and relaxed, making it easier for them to fall asleep.
  3. Invest in a good swaddle blanket: Newborns are used to feeling snug and secure in the womb, so swaddling them in a snug blanket can help them feel safe and comfortable.
  4. Create a sleep-friendly environment: Make sure your baby’s room is dark, quiet, and cool, with comfortable bedding and a safe sleep surface.
  5. Pay attention to your baby’s sleep cues: Babies usually become drowsy or fussy when they’re tired. By watching for these cues, you can help your baby fall asleep more easily.
  6. Know when it’s time to let your baby self-soothe: As your baby gets older, it’s important to teach them to soothe themselves to sleep. This may involve allowing them to cry for short periods of time before stepping in to comfort them.
  7. Be patient and consistent: It may take some time to establish a healthy sleep routine for your baby, so be patient and try to stick to a consistent routine.

Check out The Baby Sleep Site: This website offers a range of resources, including personalized sleep plans and advice on sleep regressions. By following these tips and utilizing these resources, you can help your newborn develop healthy sleep habits that will benefit them for years to come.

To learn more about healthy and safe sleep for babies, sign up here for our class!

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Cicely Wilson

Hi! I’m Cicely Wilson, a birth professional passionate about supporting families during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I believe in honoring the mind, body, and spirit of every unique family. I’m certified in multiple areas, providing comprehensive care to families. I advocate for those facing fertility challenges and pregnancy loss and continue to deepen my knowledge in baby care. As a philanthropist, I invest in and mentor emerging leaders in the birth industry. In my free time, I enjoy meditation, sushi, and home renovation shows. Let me empower and support you during this special time.

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