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Sunnyside Up Youth Pregnancy Services

Sunnyside Up

Youth Pregnancy Services

Childbirth Education

This information-packed class will cover all things that happen when labor begins!

In this class, we will discuss the third trimester of pregnancy, labor, common medical interventions, special situations, informed consent, relaxation techniques, coaching, breastfeeding during the “Golden Hour”, baby care, and more!

If you want to learn...

what to expect during labor?
the different stages and phases of labor?
techniques to help reduce pain during labor?

...then join our class where we cover:

Upcoming Class Schedule

Attend any of our classes below.
You only need to attend one class to complete the education.
Classes are held live with an instructor. 

Have any questions? Email us at

Sundays 12 pm to 4 pm CST (Central time)

November 12, 2023
December 17, 2023
January 7, 2024
February 4, 2024
March 3, 2024
April 7, 2024
May 5, 2024

What students are saying...

My boyfriend and I…

“My boyfriend and I took this class so he could help me when I was in labor. We learned all these things about how to manage pain and avoid a C-section and were really happy we decided to take the class. I think everyone should take this class.”

Cleo, 16
I was afraid…

“I was afraid to deliver my baby but after taking this class with Cicely, I feel like I will be ready. I’ve been practicing some of the breathing techniques and think It will help calm my nerves during labor.”

Giana, 17
I really didn’t understand…

“I really didn’t understand what would happen during labor but after taking this class, I feel better prepared and more confident when it’s time to deliver my baby. It was really helpful.”

Courtnee, 16

Your Instructors

Alexis (she/her)Childbirth Educator

Your Education team

Our classes aren’t just built by a single team member. Our entire team works together to make our classes the best online programs for teen youth available

Alexis (she/her)Childbirth Educator

Ellie (she/her)Postpartum Wellness Specialist

Kerry (she/her)New Parent and Childbirth Education

Sheila (she/her)New Parent Educator

Tré (she/her)New Parent Educator

Vanity (she/her)Grief & Loss Advocate, Postpartum Doula


If your question isn’t answered below, feel free to contact us and let us know

We offer several low-cost (or free!) educational classes and encourage you to enroll in these easy-to-follow, informative and useful classes. Click here to view details about each class and the class schedule.

  • Childbirth Education {free} 6 hours
  • Breastfeeding Education {free} 4 hours
  • Newborn Care {free} 4 hours
  • Postpartum Wellness {free} 4 hours
  • Safe Sleep {free} 2 hours
  • Formula Feeding {free} 2 hours
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Nutrition {free} 2 hours

Classes are between two and six hours giving you the ability to take several classes in a short amount of time. Each student will be given handouts and resources to use after class to help answer any additional questions. Students will also be able to ask questions during and after class.

All classes are taught by experienced and certified educators with a wealth of knowledge and education on the classes they teach. To learn more about our educators, click here.

Parenting comes with many rewards but there are definite challenges that arise along the way. The better educated you are on becoming a new parent the better prepared you are for the unexpected. Our goal is for you to feel empowered and confident in your parenting skills.

We do our best to keep the classes as low cost as possible. Our classes are either free or $25.00. We rely on and accept donations to fund the classes and compensate our educators.

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