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Feed the Baby! An Introduction to First Foods

Introducing solid foods to your little one is both exciting and a significant milestone. Baby-led weaning is a method that empowers babies to explore and feed themselves, fostering independence and a healthy relationship with food. Here’s a guide to get you started:

Baby-Led Weaning Basics:

Timing is Key:

  • Start when your baby is around 6 months old and shows signs of readiness, such as sitting up with minimal support and showing interest in food.

Choose the Right Foods:

  • Opt for soft, age-appropriate finger foods. The goal is to introduce a variety of textures and flavors. Here’s a list of first foods to consider:
    • Steamed and diced sweet potatoes
    • Avocado slices
    • Soft-cooked broccoli florets
    • Strips of well-cooked chicken or beef
    • Cooked pasta or rice
    • Peeled and sliced fruits like banana or ripe pear

Safety First:

  • Be cautious of potential choking hazards. Cut food into appropriate sizes, avoid small, hard foods, and supervise your baby during meals.

Encourage Self-Feeding:

  • Allow your baby to explore and self-feed. This helps develop fine motor skills and encourages a positive relationship with food.

Resources for Baby-Led Weaning:

“Baby-Led Weaning” by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett:

  • This book is a comprehensive guide to the principles and practices of baby-led weaning. It covers everything from the benefits of this approach to practical tips for implementation.

Feeding Littles (Online Course):

  • Feeding Littles offers an online course on baby-led weaning, providing video lessons, printable resources, and support from experts. It’s a great resource for parents looking for a more in-depth understanding of the process.

Your Pediatrician:

  • Always consult with your pediatrician before starting any new feeding method. They can provide personalized advice based on your baby’s needs and development.

Happy eating, little one!

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Cicely Wilson

Hi! I’m Cicely Wilson, a birth professional passionate about supporting families during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I believe in honoring the mind, body, and spirit of every unique family. I’m certified in multiple areas, providing comprehensive care to families. I advocate for those facing fertility challenges and pregnancy loss and continue to deepen my knowledge in baby care. As a philanthropist, I invest in and mentor emerging leaders in the birth industry. In my free time, I enjoy meditation, sushi, and home renovation shows. Let me empower and support you during this special time.

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